Terms and Conditions



This document outlines the terms and condition of contractor services carried out for:

KruLive Limited Registered Office: Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, London, SW6 3PA

Who carry out specialist services for the field marketing and event industries, providing staff that may fall into one or all of the following categories modelling, entertainment and promotions. Staff booked by Kru Live do so on a freelance basis.

No contract of employment shall exist between Kru Live and staff booked on behalf of its clients.

Prior to any bookings being offered you must supply details as outlined in section 2.2 to the company. Should it be decided that you will be considered for registration then you will be contacted to arrange an interview at the company premises. On successful registration a personal online profile will be created for you with a log-in ID.

Prior to the engagement into any booking a fee shall be agreed upon by both parties and recorded on a booking form, any expenses that may be payable will also be included (all receipts must be submitted with you completed invoice).

2.0 Supplier Agreement (The individual)

On the acceptance of your registration to the database of the company and for every booking thereafter you agree that:

2.1 You are in business of your own account and you will be supplying services to a third party (Our client) and that you will at all times complete the assignment to the agreed booking details, that you will make every effort to meet the satisfaction of the client and the company, and at all times following the companies BOOKING GUIDELINES
(Section 4.0).

2.2 You will supply up to date details and references of your skills and experience to the company upon your registration including photographs (and video where applicable) that are a true likeness to your appearance. You agree that there are no copyrights outstanding to a third party on any of this material that may be infringed by this agreement. You also agree that you waive all rights of copyright under all present and future laws upon this material as well as any other photographic or video content captured in the course of your work and grant permission for its possible inclusion by the company (and its clients as well as any brand being promoted) on their website and other promotional material including social media.

2.3 Under no circumstances will you discuss booking rates agreed with other suppliers booked, clients or agents.

2.4 For a period of 1 year not offer to or accept an offer of direct services with any client or their competitors or agree to claims of not less than £5,000 by the company.

2.5 If you are unable to perform the booking agreed, you will notify the company at least 48 hours in advance of the booking unless the reason is illness or incapacity in which case you must inform the company immediately (no later than the day before). Non –attendance on the day of booking without notification by these times will result
in immediate removal from the database of the company.

2.6 If you are unavailable you will make arrangements to replace your services with an alternative member of staff that has the necessary experience and skills dependent on the booking. Approval of the replacement must be given by the company prior to the commencement of the booking. If this is not done then a re-booking fee of £40
may be charged to you.

2.7 Any person booked in replacement under section 2.4 above will adhere to your agreement to the company and that you will be liable upon their failure to do so.

2.8 You agree to indemnify the company against all claims, losses, actions, proceedings, costs and damages including legal costs relating to any part of your registration and or booking.

2.9 You acknowledge that your services are supplied as an independent contractor and that all statutory and legal requirements relating to you (including the payment of taxation) shall fall upon and be discharged in their entirety by you.

3.0 Payments

3.1 On completion of a booking all staff must submit a completed copy of companies template invoice (sent with booking details for your convenience) within 3 working days.

3.2 The company will not be obliged to pay any fee to you unless sections 3.1 (above) has been carried out. This also applies if the work related report forms and photographs have not been submitted by the agreed date and time as per the booking details.

3.3 The company agree to pay all invoices within a MAXIMUM of 30 days of the receipt of an invoice by automated transfer to the account specified on the invoice and to the named person on the invoice only. On most occasions payments will be sooner. A confirmation will be sent by text when a payment has been made. Depending on whom the supplier banks with clearance of the payment may take up to 5 working days. This must include a Vat number if applicable.

3.4 The supplier is responsible for all National Insurance and Tax contributions that may be due on any payments received.

3.5 The company may deduct any rebooking fees that may be due in accordance with section 2.6 as well as those outlined in section 4.4.

4.0 Confidentiality

For the purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential Information” means all financial, technical, operational, commercial, and other information, data and know-how which is directly or indirectly disclosed by each Party, or subsidiaries, associates, or professional advisors. You agree to the following:

All Confidential Information will be held in confidence and will not, without the other parties prior consent, be disclosed by either party or its Representatives in any manner whatsoever.

That any Information and all copies thereof issued shall be and remain the property of the issuing Party


4.2 When meeting a client or representative from a brand we are acting on behalf of you must introduce yourself as a member of Kru Live and wear your Kru Live T-shirt if supplied.

4.3 Do not engage in conduct that may be detrimental to the company or its clients and that may result in the loss of further custom or business at any time. This includes smoking, eating, drinking, using mobile phones or walkmans or consuming alcohol or drugs at any time whilst setting up, working or breaking down any part of a bookings elements, especially whilst in uniform.

4.4 Act safely and sensibly at all times and in accordance with any health and safety requirements (but not limited by) of the booking.

4.5 Always dress in accordance with the booking details including make-up and jewellery. Also always be clean and tidy arrive on time and conduct yourself professionally refraining from the use of profanity at ALL times.

4.6 Act with respect and courteously at all times towards the client, customer, brand representatives, owners of any property security and fellow members of staff.

4.7 All report forms and or event photographs will be submitted in full by the agreed time as detailed in the booking form.

4.8 Always leave your working area clean and tidy and dispose of all rubbish to the satisfaction of those on site.

4.9 Return all uniform and any other material or property supplied for the booking following its completion. You must at all times make every effort to keep all equipment in good condition. Failure to do so or failure to return any items may result in a deduction for repair or replacement from the booking fee.

5.0 Your personal belongings are your responsibility and so we advise that you do not take items of high value to bookings. The company does take any responsibility for the loss of money or belongings howsoever caused and cannot be held responsible for this.

5.1 Failure to comply with any of these guidelines or any of the terms or conditions above may result in immediate termination from a booking by your event manager or any representative nominated representative of the agency. This will also result in non-payment for the booking along with immediate removal of your profile from the
company’s database.

5.2 The company can at any time end your booking placement at their discretion and withhold payment for breach of these terms.

5.3 Upon submitting your application to join Kru Live you accept agreement to these terms and conditions.