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As much as a bedrock as promotional events are for many brands looking to perpetuate themselves far beyond their present audience, there is also no doubt of how much more quickly and easily this objective can be achieved with the right promotional staff.


Kru Live is an Independent Agency with the Ability to Supply Vetted and Chosen Brand Ambassadors

Kru Live is an independent specialist staffing agency with the ability to supply the most carefully vetted and chosen Brand Ambassadors for promotional events.
Whether such an event is a small, national-level expo or a large brand-name exhibition attracting international attention, Kru Live is a dependable staffing partner, supplying the promotional girls who make all of the difference to visitor experiences and reflect in the best possible way on brands.

Promotional staff play a critical role in spreading an organisation’s crucial brand values far and wide. To potential clients, customers and other stakeholders alike, they are not mere conduits for a product launch or brand-building exercise, instead very much serving as the public faces of the companies that they are activated to represent, as well as a vital first point of contact.

This is why it is so critical for experiential, public relations and event agencies to use promo girls who really are brand-relevant and event savvy. Such promo girls will understand a brand’s wider campaign objectives and possess the necessary skills and experience in directly communicating with an audience through a shared, live experience.


Providing the Best Live Experiences Is What We Are All About Here at Kru Live

Providing the best live experiences is what we are all about here at Kru Live, in part because we know just how important it is for every aspect of a brand’s promotional event to convey all of that brand’s best qualities if it is to deliver the desired business impact.

We don’t believe that a brand should settle for a merely ‘okay’ campaign when a ‘fantastic’ one is more than within reach! That’s why our own promotional girls are so positive, engaging and influential. It’s why they are so capable of carrying out their duties with as little further instruction as possible needed on the day, and it’s also why we scrupulously vet them for precisely these qualities.

Whatever your organisation require from its promotional girls regarding skill set, experience, age, physical attributes and geographical location, talk to Kru Live today. We will ensure the fulfilment of your full range of needs for experiential staffing in London, or for that matter in any other major city or event hub across the United Kingdom.

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“Kru Live are the most professional and efficient staffing agency I have worked with. When running a multi-faceted campaign staff are crucial to its success and in this case Kru Live delivered a team of proactive and innovative staff that contributed to a very successful programme.”

Mollie Pearse, Account Manager, Octagon.

“Christina was fantastic, always on time, smiling, even the division manager came to congratulate us! ”

Eric Pavillon, General Manager, Boucheron at Selfridges

“"No matter what the scale of the project, the complexities and last minute changes, your management teams get it right every time with the staffing teams you provide for hostesses and data support. You listen to our needs, question our brief and in turn the best personalities with the right experience and attitude seamlessly connect with our teams. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with you guys and your teams. Thank-you!"”

Pamela Berners-Price - Jack Morton Worldwide

“Both Jo and Cassie particularly were excellent, exactly what we wanted for the day and did everything asked of them and more. Everyone was really pleased and they were a credit to you and the company.”

Steve Key, Account Director, Hijack Promotions.