Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Model Wednesday 6th January

Even if you are thoroughly experienced in sourcing a range of event staff for your corporate needs, you may remain unsure how hiring a model in particular could be of assistance. Much of this uncertainty could be down simply to the use of the word “model”. Are they really just intended for pretty decoration, and for making your event and company more visually pleasing? This isn’t exactly the most accurate perception of a promotional model’s purpose.

You can better impress right from the start

At a trade show, where you’d be competing with lots of other companies for attendees’ attention, making a positive first impression can be absolutely crucial. Typically, these attendees need to quickly decide which company’s products they want to check out. Of course, having an attractive face  on hand can draw attention, as can a genuinely warm, friendly and welcoming demeanour. Kru Live supplies engaging models to help your company make a favourable first impression.

A model can use their great marketing skills

A promotional model, like a brand ambassador, is intended to give your company a pleasant image. By hiring a model from our promotional staffing agency, you can expect her/him to show excellent advertising skills. In fact, due to their strong focus on marketing, models can promote the merits of your business perhaps even more effectively than your employees. And, thanks not least to their bright smile, a promotional model will transmit positivity.

It can be cheaper than turning to in-house staff

Amazing though it might seem, yes, you can save money by arranging for a model, rather than a member of your company’s own staff, to promote your company at your next event. This is largely because you can choose a model capable of getting to your event with little financial or time cost involved. A local model will understand how others act and behave, and so can help better appeal to the local market.

Your event can look more genuinely fun

Indeed, hiring a model can help you make your event look more glamorous and entertaining – as a model will genuinely enjoy promoting your product, the fun they’re having will be clear for attendees to see.

A model can be consistently pleasant and personable

A model that you hire will be aware that they are expected to be outgoing, friendly and a personable. A model will know that they should encourage the engagement of event’s attendees. Therefore, they will be skilled in remaining pleasant and likeable even in trying circumstances. All of this can help your company maintain a similarly pleasant and likeable image.