The Secrets to a Successful Product Launch Friday 29th January

Naturally, as a promotional staffing agency, we are eager to help various companies to launch their products in a manner that gets tongues wagging left, right and centre. However, it’s an art that can often seem awfully tricky to get right. We’ve gathered together various little pearls of wisdom that, we reckon, can be too readily overlooked by many companies preparing to unveil their latest product.

Build anticipation by telling people to wait

It doesn’t make complete logical sense that, on the day of release for a new iPhone, hordes of people queue up for hours outside Apple retail stores. Why don’t many of them just wait a week or two, when they could simply walk into a store and pick one up without having to stand in a line? The simple answer: they are so excited about the product that they don’t want to wait.

It’s high anticipation that leads to this kind of demand – and, as successful entrepreneur Jeff Goins explains, you can encourage anticipation by both announcing the launch date and explaining what must be done to buy the product on that date.

Add an element of urgency to your offer

Many of us tend to procrastinate – so, even if you’re preparing the launch of an utterly excellent product, you could find that many of your target customers decide to delay buying it… and, then, ultimately forget to buy it at all. You can prevent this kind of situation by, during the launch, clarifying why your product should be bought now, not later.

The more scarce something is, the more desirable it can be

You can easily visit your nearest Tesco and see lots of great products right there on the shelf, ready for you to buy straight away. However, you probably pay little attention to them. Why? Likely because they are so common and abundant. Think about it: it’s rare items, like gold and diamonds, that we tend to get especially excited about. Items like that stand out, exactly because they are scarce.

So, how can you work this to your advantage at your product launch? Basically, by offering something that is genuinely unique. You could also reveal your company’s intention to roll out distribution of the product at a fairly gradual rate, if only to start with.

Routinely adhere to the “Rule of 3”

For your product launch, we can provide professional and reliable event hosts and event staff who can assist you in communicating why your product is so great. In doing this, they can regularly draw upon what communications coach Carmine Gallo calls the “Rule of 3”.

One of the most revered entrepreneurs in recent history, Steve Jobs, applied the rule in almost every product launch during his tenure at Apple – one example being his description of the first iPhone as the “third” of his company’s revolutionary product categories. Sticking to just three chunks of information at a time can better help your audience to remember it. Don’t overwhelm them with too much at once!