The Importance of Having a Brand Ambassador Tuesday 19th April


Even if you’re familiar with what a brand ambassador is, you might wonder why you really need one. However, when it comes to live events, there are unique merits of a brand ambassador that can be too easy to overlook. Here are just some of the best reasons to seek a brand ambassador.

A brand ambassador can personalise your brand

You might not struggle to think of many globally renowned brands, like McDonald’s, Apple and Coca-Cola, with logos and colours that have become fundamental to their iconic status. However, the fact remains that your target customers will prefer interacting with and buying from friendly, likeable individuals, rather than just a faceless brand. A brand ambassador can be, for your own company, one of those friendly, likeable people.

A brand ambassador can also accurately reflect your unique brand image

A more warm and friendly image is obviously something that a wide range of businesses can benefit from. However, your brand should still be itself, so to speak; in other words, it should promote its unique ethos and how this differs, in a good way, from the competition. A brand ambassador can help your brand to do this; at live events, they can both promote and deliver an experience; much of what your brand promises and stands for. Furthermore, their particular experience and expertise with live events can help them to do this better than your company’s in-house PR team might.

A brand ambassador can help you capitalise on the merits of live events

Statistics from Statista have revealed that 93% of survey respondents consider live events more effective in reaching them than television advertising, while 96% are likelier to make a purchase after they have attended a live event. We shouldn’t be too surprised when we consider that 89% of the respondents opined that they better understand a brand during a live event. The implication is clear: you can effectively communicate what your brand is all about when the sales pitch is delivered at a live event.

All of this means that you can’t afford to scrimp with your preparation for live events – otherwise, the harmful effects of a sloppy promotional campaign could be magnified. Preparing well for a live event necessitates carefully choosing a brand ambassador to ensure that they can meet various needs. Thankfully, with the choice of 3,000 brand ambassadors that our promotional staffing agency offers, getting the right person can be much easier when you turn to Kru Live.

A brand ambassador can help maintain and enhance your reputation

Negative publicity can seriously blight any company, whether we’re talking about a single but prominently-displayed disparaging review or a local news story suggesting incompetence deep in the ranks of your business. However, a brand ambassador can come to the rescue – especially as they are not part of your in-house staff and, therefore, they can be perceived as providing an impartial voice when they praise your company. To spread the good word, they can also recommend products of your company to event attendees.

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