Kru Live CEO gives his view on getting the best from Event Teams Monday 9th November

Tom Eatenton

From my own experiences – in personal in life, working in the field and in the world of business – I find that people, generally have the right idea. They want to lead a full life, they want to work hard and they want to reap the recognition and rewards for working hard. This isn’t true for everyone of course but in the main I find this to be the rule.

I’ve found the difference in whether you see this or benefit from this or not is in how you treat others around you.

It is no different in our business, our job is sourcing and selecting great people to deliver great experiences and to engage with brands’, or let’s say ‘events’’ audiences. Most of those that gravitate to this industry and the world of events have great attitudes, great enthusiasm and great motivation. It is up to us as their agencies to embrace this and ensure this is capitalised upon when working on our clients’ events.

Nothing has changed in our ten years of business, the path to a successful event team has always been preparation – a friendly and charismatic booking team –delivering great briefings (a complete understanding of the event scheduling the objects and targets, what to say and when, how to say it and to who), an open ear for team concerns and efficient process so that those working for our clients are content and confident in the fact that doing a fantastic job will be recognised and that they will paid lightening-quick and paid well. They also know that doing a great job for us turns in to more opportunities. Get this wrong however and you may find the same team arrive on site with a completely different outlook and approach.

Those that work for us and our clients do not believe they are doing a ‘temp job’ or a paid day’s work. Long gone are the days of ‘promo staff’, today’s generation are brand ambassadors or ‘mini-marketeers’ – They are trained on the bigger picture and understand the importance of engagement and their role in creating a memorable encounter for a consumer or guest and the impact that has on that person’s future actions whether it be sharing the experience via WOM or Social Media or becoming / remaining a loyal customer.

So how does one ensure a great team on their event? ‘Treat people how you want to be treated’ – it is a cliché, but for me, and for Kru Live it’s been the key to thousands of successful events and happy clients.