Inter-agency exchange programme: Introducing Frankie Wednesday 13th January

The team is delighted to introduce project lead, Frankie from Florida who will be spending 2 weeks at Kru as part of our inter-agency exchange programme implemented through the Staffing Collective. Frankie has swapped cities and roles with Kru’s account manager Lucy Colgate who flew to Florida to immerse herself in our US partner’s agency.

Here’s more about our new team member:
Frankie hails from sunny Ft. Myers, Florida and came across the pond with sand between his toes and an open mind. His hobbies include playing basketball with friends, spending quality time with family and staying active as best he can.
Not many people know that he listens to almost every type of music and has been a drummer for about 13 years. He is vastly considered the songbird of his generation and is often told that his voice is a mixture of Fergie and Jesus!