Kru Live support G7 with their Global Music Tour Sponsor Friday 30th May

G7 Entertainment Marketing, based in Nashville and part of the Project Worldwide Group have teamed up with Kru Live Staffing to support their activation of Keds the US shoe brand.
Keds has a multi-year licensing deal with Taylor Swift for limited edition Keds and wanted to extend their alignment to her 61 date RED tour in the US with additional legs in Europe and Asia. The objectives were to reinforce that Keds is a fashion brand, create an activation that generates social media buzz and debut the new RED Taylor shoe.


Following a successful partnership across 6 dates in London’s O2 and Berlin Kru Live and their partners were tasked with providing a team of brand ambassadors to manage and deliver G7’s pop up store concept featuring 100 pairs of Keds with Taylor’s imagery from the Keds campaign. Key elements included:

Digital kiosks collect fan info and style preferences for email marketing post-show and provide a “spin the wheel” instant win game tactic to award free shoes, RED tour shoelaces, magnets and discount coupons.
“Brave Girls” photo marketing in which fans share poster messages as to what makes them brave/fearless. Photos are pushed to fan emails for viral sharing.


Kru Live have so far completed successful team placements in Shanghai, Tokyo and Manilla on the Red Asia tour with Kuala Lumpor and Singapore remaining. Kru Live’s MD, Tom Eatenton said we are very pleased to firstly have been recommended to G7 by our London based client George P Johnson (also part of the Project Worldwide Group), but also to have successfully developed this partnership across the world following the strength of our European support. This programme of events truly demonstrates the capability of our international offering through our reliable collective network.
Chappel McCollister, Senior Account Executive at G7 said:

“The staff last night have been great. There was a lot of room for error given the language barrier and cultural differences, with the bilingual support and quality of staff however it went very well. Staff showed up on time, we’re engaging and took direction well. Looking forward to the next shows!”