Exchange-programme daily blog – Week 2 / Day 1 Friday 22nd January

Lucy in Florida – Day 8

It’s Monday and week two of the USA Exchange which means this week will be shifting focus from Victory Marketing on to Kru Live and I will be running through and presenting our history, processes, recruitment roadshows and marketing amongst others. It’s time to get to know Kru!


Today I presented to the whole Victory team in a packed meeting room on Kru Live’s History and Values and took the team way back to 1999 when our CEO Tom Eatenton started his promotional journey at Southampton University booking large scale events directly from his university halls! After university and whilst working in the field he paid attention to every detail of the industry and how he would do things differently. Through hard work and determination he set up Kru Live in 2005 and started to transform the industry in to what it is today; lightening fast payment terms for field staff and thorough booking and briefing process. The Victory team were full of questions and it was great to hear their thoughts too.

Monday evening I was invited to dinner with Dana VP of Victory and with two of her children Laila and Max. We ventured over to Dana’s part of town where we ate at an incredible Thai and sushi restaurant and then went to Love Boat to choose from what seemed like hundreds of flavours of ice cream for an after dinner treat!



Frankie in London – Day 8

Hey guys! So Week 2 Day 1 went great as well. In the morning was a staff meeting to go over what happened with the events during the weekend. During this meeting, there were short conversations on how certain BAs have been performing, that way everyone was in the loop in case those staff members are needed for other events. The rest of the day was mostly recruitment which entailed contacting pending staff members to schedule their time slot for the recruitment workshop happening in London on February 9th. Once contacted, we would then update their notes and images accordingly, then send them a confirmation email affirming their attendance for their date and time slot. At Victory, since we execute events all of the country, it makes it difficult to hold recruitment workshops every so often. It’s definitely a great idea to execute some of these roadshows in our other Florida markets, much like the one we held in Orlando a few months ago.

After work, I walked around the Fulham area to check out some more of the shops and pubs. During that time is exactly when I realized I’m moving here and not coming back to the States. Maybe I’ll run for the House of Commons and become Prime Minister. Yep, that’s happening. So there’s that. Cheers!