Exchange-programme daily blog – Week 1 / Day 2 Thursday 14th January

Lucy in Florida – Day 2

Day two and I have been given my own key fob for the building which made me feel very at home!

First things first, I met with the lovely AM Laura and ran through the MVH – My Victory Home the portal for their staff and where they post and confirm all Victory’s events along with staff data base; essentially their CRM system. One stand out feature is their live news feed bespoke to their portal in which staff members can comment on roles stating their availability and interest in a role, a great live feature on the portal that the team can respond to quickly and can monitor for team availability.

My afternoon was focused on meeting with the Account Management team, running through the company’s templates and internal finance processes with the super Nicholle and then I joined the entire AM team in a meeting held by Dana, Victory’s brilliant Vice President to discuss 2016 processes and procedures.

collage Lucy

Something to note is the team’s incredible focus on internal team development and quality control which I look forward to hearing more about throughout my time here.

We have also set up a Skype call for myself and Frankie on Friday in which I will get to meet and speak to the famous Frankie from Victory sitting in my shoes back in our London HQ where I hear he has settled in nicely with team Kru 🙂

Tomorrow brings social media learnings and processes, shadowing the team and a focus on recruitment along with a team outing to an ice hockey game… watch this space!


Frankie in London – Day 2

Monday was mostly in the office and was understandably the day full of introductions. Tuesday was a little different in the regard that we were mostly out of the office.

In the morning, Olivia, Hettie and I attended a Kent House Showcase Briefing to brainstorm with the client and other vendors what the best approach would be to administer the most rewarding event possible. There was a venue walk-through which was great because back in the States, we rarely get to have face-to-face interaction with clients and BAs considering we staff all over the US. After the Kent House rendezvous, there was another short stint in the office, followed by an on-site visit to an ongoing campaign. This was perfect timing in the sense that I was able to see BAs live in the field, enthusiastically explaining to attendees why they should vacation in my home state!


After that, Sarah, Jodie and I walked across the bridge in central London and I was able to see Big Ben and the London Eye. They were both even more gigantic than I had imagined, illuminating much of the city around them. Directly following this was a brisk walk to the station where I haphazardly hopped on the Circle line instead of the District, only to realize it four stops later. I corrected the mistake, hopped on the green line and enjoyed the little trek from Putney Bridge Station to my flat on Buer Rd. Needless to say, every minute over here has been great so far and I cannot wait to see what the next week and a half have in store. On to day three…