Brand Ambassador Simon Thompson for Kru Live – featured in Field Marketing Magazine Summer Issue Tuesday 21st July

Simon BA

Actor Simon Thompson is one of the most popular brand ambassadors deployed by Kru Live. Kru Live attracts attention from many of the best brand ambassadors, based on repuation for good staff handling, prompt payment terms and exciting brands to represent.

1. What appeals to you about being a brand ambassador?

BA work is all about how I can use my personality to represent a brand, and not just about being a generic body delivering a message. I can use my skills to deliver a great experience to people, which will in turn give them a positive image of the brand I’m representing.

Also, as a performer, it’s easy to become resentful towards any work that isn’t in line with your career, but with BA work, particularly in experiential, I can find enjoyment in putting the same personality, energy and passion into a job as I would if I were on a stage. The consumers are my audience!

2. What are the best aspects of going to work?

Working with like minded people to deliver an incredible experience to people from all walks of life.
I have made so many friends in promo. I get to turn up on jobs and see mates, not just colleagues.

I get to put smiles on people’s faces – I see this as way more valuable than any amount of data capture or forced hashtags!

And I get to meet EVERY kind of person, from millionaire superstars to fun, excited kids, to the average Joe on the street. Every class, every age, every culture.

3. How easy is it to represent a different brand depending on the day?

The short answer is – I’m an actor! I just adopt a character that works for that brand. But nowadays, now that I’ve worked my way up the promo ladder, I’m in the fortunate position where I can be a bit choosier with my work. This means I can choose to take a job that will not only be fun but also where I can represent a brand I actually believe in and won’t feel my morals or beliefs are being compromised. That makes it much easier!

4. What is satisfying about managing an event or a team?

Leading by example and using my energy to inspire the rest of the team is always satisfying. I love getting stuck in and experiencing everything with the BAs. It’s the best way to learn and grow. When I manage, I’m essentially a BA who has to do a load of boring paperwork at the end of the day.

The best part of the job is when it’s all over and you can (hopefully) look back on a successful effort.

5. What support does Kru give you?

Kru are always there. If you have any issues, concerns or questions, there’s always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Also, your hard work is rewarded. Firstly, with genuine gratitude and secondly with more work and on more exciting campaigns.

6. What represents ‘a job well done’?

As previously mentioned, happy consumers. To know that you’ve given people an incredible experience and left them with a positive image of a brand is, for me, is a job well done. Too much pressure is put on figures, which I don’t believe are a true representation of the success of an event.

7. What does the year ahead have in store for you?

Amidst working on my acting showreel and a stand up set, I’m continuing on a Nespresso campaign, which will be taking us to Henley Regatta and Festival Number 6 in Wales, I’m returning to The Open in July to work for a second year as a host for MasterCard. I’m also hoping to return as compere for the Carling stage at V Fest. Then I guess it’s Christmas…!