A-Z of Staffing And Entertainment – J is for… Joining Tuesday 8th March



2016 is set to be a year for notable growth in the events and experiential industry. Experiential marketing attempts to strongly connect consumers with brands by engaging them in a two-way interaction – live engagement invites consumers to participate in the evolution of a brand and allows the development of a real relationship between a brand and the consumer. Brand Ambassadors have the power to help brands create an emotional bond with customers, which makes them pivotal to any campaign.

We understand the role that brand ambassadors play in the success of a campaign and the importance to deliver memorable experiences onsite. To that end each year, we travel across the country to meet the best candidates to join our team of event savvy, brand relevant, passionate, engaging, can do and authentic brand ambassadors.

Our bookers work for months to plan, promote and execute this Recruitment Roadshow: The process starts with all potential candidates completing an application as to why they wish to join, followed by a personal pre-qualifying call from a member of the booking team to discuss their experience. If successful, we send out a formal invite to attend to a recruitment day and meet the team!

On the day we share our processes, our philosophy and our vision. We aim to leave people inspired and willing to create exceptional experiences with us! We also get them involved in various interactive activities to break the ice, demonstrate their skills, shine a spotlight on their strengths and see their personalities shine.

This year’s Roadshow kicked off in Glasgow and ended in London with over 200 attendees and all of our booking team on board! With a 90% success rate for all candidates, Kru Live are extremely excited to continue growing and delivering unforgettable experiences with the best Brand Ambassadors one could wish for.

Why choose Kru? We believe in an experience of excellence – carrying out this Roadshow and meeting each new Brand Ambassador personally enables us to know exactly who would be the perfect match to a specific brand or campaign, ensuring that all the client’s objectives are met.

Check out our latest recruitment video below to give you further insight into the day or if you are interested in joining, why not watch our latest explainer video on How to Join Kru Live.




Sarah Porter, Account Executive