A-Z of Staffing And Entertainment – I is for… Immersive Friday 19th February


To be immersed in an event is to feel connected and aligned. Immersive experiences can heighten all 5 of your senses. They have the power to absorb and transport you to another place where you can be truly present; to play, participate and explore. Done well, a ‘wish I was there’ memorable immersive experience will create an emotional bond that guests will want to share. You can see why brands would want in on this approach.

Experience is on the up. We are craving experiences that we can share both on and off line; it’s almost become a new status symbol. If you have ever spoken to someone who has experienced the exclusive ‘You me and the Bum Bum train’ you will know exactly what I mean.

A great example of an immersive event which aimed to challenge the perception of its brand is Johnnie Walker’s ‘Symphony in blue’. In September 2014, Johnnie Walker teamed up with Done + Dusted and Bompass & Parr to create a fully immersive theatrical experience inspired by the ‘flavour symphony’ represented by the Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend. There is a theory that visual and auditory stimuli have the ability to influence perception of taste; with that in mind, Jonny Walker Blue Label took their guests on a journey of discovery. Led by their own curiosity and unconventional characters hosting each space, the guests navigated through the different environments. There was the world’s first ‘Whisky Weather’ station which created a breathable cloud of JW Blue Label in a room that replicated Scottish thunder and humidity and a ‘Flavour Conductor’, which was a specially built pipe organ that enabled guests to hear the six flavours that make the blend – each pipe was tuned to highlight certain flavours.


Kru Talent International were recently tasked with commissioning Kubrick inspired performances to enhance the guest experience for ‘The Darkness within’ themed Halloween party at the prestigious Rumpus Room, London Mondrian Hotel. Our team of actors ushered guests on an exploratory journey around the 4 ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ experience rooms. The rooms were designed to immerse guests into a dark world of fantasy, described as ‘demonic, debauched at its best’. Whilst this experience was not for the faint hearted, the result was remarkably unforgettable and highly sharable.

Top tips. Keep it authentic, never break character and keep the value exchange subtle. Consumers are savvy, we know when we are being marketed to so try not to jar the experience too crudely or the connection you have built may be undone.


Jade Leigh Hunt, Staff Booker