A-Z of Staffing and Entertainment: F is for… Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Thursday 5th November


Fast Moving Consumer Goods; also known as Consumer Packaged Goods; are essential items that consumers purchase and use on a daily basis. They are called FMCG quite simply because they fly off supermarket shelves as fast as they fly off the production lines. Typical items include non-durable goods such as cleaning products, personal care items, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and food.

FMCG represent a multi-billion pound sector that only continues to improve with each passing day and accounts for more than half of all consumer spending. This sector is made up of a huge range of well-known brands, ones we use every day which tend to be sold quickly at low cost, but at a high volume. Major players include companies like Coca Cola, P&G, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, Nestle and many more.

The promotional and experiential industry is a huge contributor to the success of today’s FMCG’s and as a leading agency in the sector we pride ourselves on providing quality brand ambassadors that can develop loyalty and trust between brand, product and consumer. This is delivered though activities such as sampling, sales and data capture.

A good example of an activation involving FMCG could be our work with Live & Breathe for Birdseye ‘Stir your Senses’ campaign. For this roadshow, Kru Live had to deliver a team of ambassadors to sample two products of the ‘Stir your Senses’ range and hand out coupons to shoppers in 34 different stores across the UK. The campaign was a real success as our team far exceeded the campaign targets and objectives by distributing more than 300,000 samples to 292,570 shoppers. The activation was well received by the public and had a significant impact on sales. The client fed back that the results smashed all previous like-for-like campaigns.

Which brand will be next…!?

Kelly F is For..small

Kelly Armstrong, Account Manager