A-Z of Staffing and Entertainment: E is for Experiential Thursday 13th August


Fifteen years ago, adding an experiential element to a campaign was seen as a perk to the traditional advertising campaign. This idea has greatly evolved to experiential standing on its own two feet and becoming a key ingredient in the communications mix. Consumers are bombarded by advertising noise throughout their daily lives which is where experiential steps in to provide an individual and memorable experience.

Experiential marketing immerses consumers into a brands world through providing engaging experiences which connect with the consumer. The unique experiences can positively change consumer’s perception towards a brand which in turn creates a deeper relationship between the brand and their target audience.

Consumers are no longer satisfied with brand monologues of pushed messages and instead are looking for a two- way dialogue where their voices are heard. This heightens the significance of experiential marketing where face-to-face communication is at the heart of the experience delivered.

The branded communication is often delivered by a team of brand ambassadors; our bespoke booking service ensures that the brand ambassadors sourced embody the brands personality and are trained and briefed thoroughly to deliver a memorable branded experience. What sets experiential apart is the ability of brand ambassadors to listen and react to consumers in real time.

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Helen Feighan, Marketing Executive