A-Z of Staffing and Entertainment: D is for Data Capture Thursday 23rd July


D is for Data Capture

Data capture done well should form part of the experience itself. In return for a great experience consumers often don’t mind giving data. Some agencies call this value exchange. So once we have the data what do we do with it?

Follow up. You’ve started a relationship between a brand and consumer at the experience so say thank you to them a few days later not in a few weeks’ time.

Measure. Attitudinal and behavioural questionnaires should be emailed to participants through measurement agencies. You can determine how purchase habits have changed since their experience and what effect the experience had in repeat purchase and word of mouth.

Kru Live‘s promotional teams are fully briefed on the importance of capturing data, meeting targets and crucially the importance of quality over quantity. We also provide our own bespoke online questionnaire and reports which can be tailored to collect real time live data.

julie D

Julie Beze, Senior Account Manager