A-Z of Staffing and Entertainment: C is for Communication Wednesday 1st July


C is for Communication, Client & Staff

Effective communication is key when preparing for a live event. It is paramount that our booking team have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and in turn that they are communicating this to our teams in the field.

Our brand ambassadors have direct contact and open dialogue with consumers on a daily basis; therefore it is crucial (after having been selected based on experience and suitability for the role and brand) that they are thoroughly briefed in order for them to communicate the brands message correctly and confidently.

We pride ourselves in communicating the brands message to our teams through extensive online and offline training. We work to the process of VWF2F (Verbal, Written, Face-to-Face), a process we have developed over 10 years. Where budget allows, we always recommend implementing immersive training days where our teams can receive hands on experience with a product, gain insight into the overall campaign objectives and to realise the importance of their role within the wider marketing campaign.

There a number of alternative training routes we can explore bespoke to the product and a campaign budget. These include; video conferencing and virtual reality.In all cases staff are briefed both verbally and in writing via their online staff portal where they have access to links for Google Maps, Transport for London and local weather reports so they can plan appropriately.

When our teams confirm they have read the brief online, we activate an ‘online pre-event knowledge checker quiz’ through our bespoke crm system. Our teams are asked key questions about specific details and key messages taken from our clients brief. These systems allow communication of the brands message to take place in a two-way dialogue between our booking team and brand ambassadors.


Ben Christie, Group Account Director