A-Z of Staffing and Entertainment: A is for Ambassador, Brand Ambassador Thursday 14th May


A is for Ambassador, Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a marketing term for an individual who is selected to represent and promote a brands product or service. A brand ambassador will embody the brands identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics. They will understand and implement the brands message while interacting with the brands target audience.

A Brand Ambassador in an experiential capacity, plays a vital role in communicating a brands message in a live environment. Our ambassadors are selected based on their brand profile suitability, specific role experience and passion – our PlayStation team are passionate about gaming and our British Open team are golfing enthusiasts! This highly selective booking process is central in creating an authentic and memorable experience for the consumer. Beyond that and crucially – our ambassadors are event savvy marketeers who understand and appreciate wider campaign objectives and KPI’s.

They are the face and voice of a brand at a live event and the role they play in a consumers experience should not be compromised. A well briefed, immersed, passionate and respected ambassador will provide a unique, personable and positive experience that will remain with the audience long after their initial engagement.

In our experience, the best campaigns do not compromise on the quality of their teams, they factor in their partnered staffing agency from initial conception, they believe and invest in the power of immersive and inspiring training for brand ambassadors, they embrace their event team, take on board their suggestions and share their campaign vision and KPI’s so that all involved feel invested and equipped to deliver great results.