100% of Kru Interns have achieved a first class honours in their University degrees Thursday 23rd July

Intern Piece

Central to Kru Live is their investment in people. A 100% of their interns to date have achieved a first class honours at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Following their success, the high achievers have gone on to become permanent members of the team.

Tom Eatenton, founder and CEO of Kru Live said “Attending University seminars are a fundamental part of our strategy in developing young talent and promoting our internship programme. We believe that this has been very successful in both nurturing young talent and highlighting industry trends and developments to lecturers that are educating those who are about to enter our industry.”

Their most recent intern Alicia Wilkinson who received a first in her Event Management Degree said “Coming to Kru showed me how vast, multi layered and transformational the Event Industry really is. It gave me a lot of hope for after my studies and introduced experiential at its best. I discovered first hand that there is a big part of today’s Events Industry which isn’t currently covered in our degree.

The team at Kru Live were very supportive of my degree. Tom himself went through my very steps and is now an inspiration to me with the success and growth of Kru. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to come back to Kru after I finished and I truly believe being a part of a modern, innovative, highly professional company as Kru really did keep me motivated and excited throughout my last year of study”.