Why staff choose Kru

We are seen as industry leaders in the processes that we adopt to both brief our teams prior to an event as well as manage the activity in the field. We are widely regarded as a friendly and fair agency to work for and 100% of staff when asked would recommend us to a friend.

Our payment processes are also consistent and straight forward and are the fastest in the UK, this means we provide happy teams that deliver.

Staff Testimonial:Rory Cocker “I’ve worked for a number of agencies over the years – some decent, some nightmareish – and I can honestly say Kru is the best I’ve ever worked for. I get paid in under 14 days, the majority of travel is booked for me and the rest expensed within a week with minimal fuss, everything is communicated clearly and 99% of the logistical/organisational side is handled by you guys which means I can just focus on doing my job as best as I can. The work you guys do does not go unnoticed and it is very much appreciated, so thank you.”

Industry leading staff portal which includes full briefing, location details and paperless invoicing.

Full briefing document prior to every activity. We always let staff know whether or not they have been successful on a job.

Industry leading payment terms. We pay within 14 days meaning staff prefer working for us.