Why clients choose Kru

We offer a reliable and attentive service, your ‘extra team member’. We have experience on a wide range of campaigns and events. We have a diverse, enthusiastic team of Brand Ambassadors throughout the UK with a wide range of skill sets.

We aim to provide a specialist staffing service of excellence working in partnership with our agency clients to continually improve the delivery to your client. We understand the need to be flexible, working with tight deadlines, and the importance of achieving and demonstrating ROI.

Ask us about the Kru Promise – we are certain it will impress.

“No matter what the scale of the project, the complexities and last minute changes, your management teams get it right every time with the staffing teams you provide for hostesses and Brand Ambassadors.   You listen to our needs, question our brief and in turn the best personalities with the right experience and attitude seamlessly connect with our teams.  It’s an absolute pleasure to work with you guys and your teams. Thank you”
Head of Logistics, Jack Morton Worldwide

Dedicated account management.

Timely responses to all communication.

A bespoke selection process, detailed team briefings and immersive brand training.