We believe in the Experience. It is at the core of everything we do. From the exceptional experience we pride ourselves on giving our staff and clients alike, to the wow experience our teams deliver on site.

We believe in event-savvy, brand-relevant Ambassadors. Those who enable brands to communicate directly with their audience through a shared, live experience.  Our Ambassadors are responsible for creating memorable experiences that have the power to influence, to engage and to deliver results from a campaign. They are highly professional and understand wider campaign objectives surrounding an activation.

 Founded in 2005, Kru Live is an independent specialist staffing agency that carries out the majority of its work for experiential, public relations and event agencies. Our agency was formed to introduce a different set of values to the industry – values that offer a service of excellence to both staff and clients alike; those that make the difference between an ‘okay’ campaign and a ‘fantastic’ campaign.

 Thorough and detailed briefings, timely and fair pay systems and regular communication are the things that we, and the best field staff in the industry feel are what makes a specialist agency stand out from the rest.




We deliver multi award winning teams nationwide

We have delivered Millions of memorable consumer engagements

We work on many of the country’s most prestigious events and promotional campaigns